Ghost Town: The Musical

by Tim Mack, Ryan Yueill, Zach Garcia

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Ghost Town: The Musical is the product of an artistic collaboration between musical masterminds Ryan Yueill, Zach Garcia, and Tim Mack. This album is a sneak peak at the production Ghost Town: The Musical, in an effort to build hype about the project among fans and family.

About the musical: Ghost Town: The Musical follows the story of Paul, the only human living in Ghost Town. The play follows the trials and tribulations of the only human living in a paranormal town. Themes of love, life, death, happiness, and despair are all addressed and sang/danced about. Things get more complicated when Captain Cream, millionaire Ice Cream mogul and owner of Cream's Cream Ice Cream Stands, decides to purchase Ghost Town so he can demolish it and build his famous ice cream stands in its place. Will Paul be able to save Ghost Town from annihilation? Will Paul be able to love Mary the ghost even though one is living and one is dead? There's only one way to find out and that is to see Ghost Town: The Musical when it comes to a theater near you.


released September 30, 2015

Origional Idea: Tim Mack, Ryan Yueill, Zach Garcia

Guitar: Ryan Yueill
Keys: Tim Mack
Lyrics: Ryan Yueill, Tim Mack



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Dance (Mary the Ghost)
1 2 3
2 2 3

There across the room
Moving to the groove
is the ghost girl I love.
Oh but she'll never know.
Oh Mary.

The band plays in time
as i lose my mind
Lord she looks so divine.
Oh Mary.
You're so scary.

Paul's Inner Monologue:
Come on Paul!
Get it together!
I got some advice for you, Paul.
Take my word!

You gotta dance dance dance with the ghost girl.
You gotta dance dance dance with that ghost girl.
You know you only live twice
once as a human
then once more as a ghost
but, while you're a human
you gotta dance dance dance dance dance with the ghost girl
dance dance dance dance dance with the ghost
you gotta dance dance dance dance dance with the ghost girl
ya dance dance dance dance dance with ghost you love
you gotta dance dance dance with the ghost you love (x4)

Paul: Hey Mary. Would you like to dance with me?

Of Course Paul.

Paul you are so sweet.
Swept me off my feet.
If I only had feet.
Oh Paulie.
You're my dollie.

I hope Colonel Cream
Doesn't reach his dream
of tearing down Ghost Town
to build ice cream
Ice cream stands.
Track Name: The Rock Off
Colonel Cream:
Paul, it's time to put up or shutup.
I demand a rock off for Ghost Town.
If I win I get to put up my ice cream stands.
And if you win, I'll leave this gofy old town behind.
What do you say old sport? Terms good?

Mr. Cream...
I accept your terms.
Name your weapon.

Colonel Cream: Acoustic rock guitar!

Paul: Yamaha Electrical Key

Colonel Cream:
Boy can't you see that ghost towns meant for me?
I've got the best ice cream in the whole country!
Twist and shout!
Turn about!
Colonel Cream is coming to town.

Cream, the town is home to me.
And Colonel Cream, I've never ever gonna leave.
Well you can suck my dong!
Your ice cream blows!
Here comes my solo you stupid idiot. HEEYYYY!
Track Name: R.I.P. Ghost Town
Newspaper boy ghost: Extra Extra read all about it! Paul loses the rock off to Mr. Cream and in turn loses Ghost Town. Ghost Town to be demolished in three days to make room for Mr. Cream's Ice Cream Stands.

I can't believe the news
I lost the rock off
and in turn I lost
Ghost Town.

Mr. Cream
Shredded my face off.
I should have known because
I never learned how to
play the piano
play the piano
why did I say I'd play
the piano?
For the Ghost Town?
For my Ghost Town

Mad Ghost 1:
Hey screw you paul you lost us our town you hack

Mad Ghost 2
Hey Paul. Screw you man.

Mad Ghost 3:
Paul man that was a bad idea to go to a rock off not really knowin how to play piano.
Track Name: Ghost Town Finale

When you walk out at night
take a look in the night
you're in Ghost Town again.

Theres a real spooky sound
and you haul on the ground.
You're in ghost town again.

Then you'll pine for the days this town wasn't
full of ghosts and
other people lived here
but not anymore
cuz its Ghost Town now
you're the only human-

Cuz the nights are black
just like your heart
and the ghosts are white
and they stare at your heart
and you cant get away
from the promise you made
to never leave ghost town behind!
you'll never leave ghost town behind!

you'll never leave ghost town
cuz ghost town is a part of